New Batteries


Contrary to popular belief, used batteries are not "refurbished."  With the wide spread use of plastic welding, it is nearly impossible to access the internal components of todays lead-acid battery.  

We utilize a proprietary process for identifying batteries that still have a useful life remaining.  These batteries are vigorously tested for internal integrity and chargeability  and are subjected to a whole battery (pun intended!) of tests to insure they adhere to our exacting standards of quality.  Once they pass our quality assurance tests, they are ready for sale and are offered as Premium Used Batteries.  

Prices start at just $49.95 and each battery comes with a 6 month warranty giving you the assurance that you are buying a quality product.  

If you are a wholesaler or fleet manager, prices can be tailored to your individual need and volume so give us a call or fill out the contact form and we'll gladly discuss options with you.  Give us a won't be disappointed!! 

Premium Used Batteries

We feature DEKA Automotive, Commercial and Powersports batteries.  Manufactured in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, East Penn Manufacturing Company, the parent company of DEKA, is  the largest single -site lead acid battery manufacturer in the World.  Their quality is second to none and they are the last major manufacturer to be 100% MADE IN THE USA.

Prices start at around $89.99 and will depend on Cold Cranking Amp requirements and length of warranty desired.  Installation is available upon request for a modest additional fee.  As always, battery testing is FREE and we would be happy to test your batteries' health.  

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